Raquel & Ethan

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching up...AGAIN

Sleeping on the job as usual...I figure if I get one blog post a year..that's pretty good.

Halloween 2011



They both look so grown up..


There are no words to describe this getup, other than COMFORT.

Ethan and Sebby

Ethan and Sebby are officially best buds..If you ever try and reach us and can't get through it is because they talk nonstop.  Oh yeah, Sebby is also an early riser like Ethan..especially fun on Sunday morning at 7:00 when the phone rings off the hook..

Spoiled Rotten


The kids love their classes...they both think they are capable of taking down people...at least that is what I hear them say to each other in the back of the car.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Girls Trip to Vegas

Raquel and I took a trip to Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera (her bday gift)..All girls weekend consists of shopping. fun desserts, shopping, and dressing up for the big night. If anyone is looking for an expert in the Phantom..give Raquel a call...she has read the book countless times, seen the movie and thanks to the internet, compared the several renditions of the play..I learned alot!

Happy Birthday Papa

Uncle Matt

celebrating Lukes birthday with Uncle Matt

Beach Time at Oceanside

Ethan volunteered for this...

Berry Pickin'


Zipper got hurt and Sugar was right by her side..
Ruby and Raquel have bonded with babysitting. Ruby is the most perfect little gal to practice babysitting skills on..
They look so old..

Loved watching Jett play baseball...or something close to that.

What more can you say but LILA..

Catching Up..

Last pics of the old wherehouse office...the kids will miss the "scary" building. They spent many a Saturday riding their scooters around the building looking for ghosts. Just to let you know...they found several.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Indian Art

Ethan and Raquel had open house this week..it is a big deal and they spend alot of time getting ready for it. Ethans class was focused on Indians..this is a "sand art" painting like certain Indian tribes did. No sand involved just beans, dried peas and oatmeal. Me and another mom volunteered to work with the kids on this project..30 third graders in a tight spot carefully laying down rice and beans was a looonnngg day! Someone was constantly stepping or sitting on someone else's creation. Someone tried to eat the art. And little beans make great little flying objects! But after they were done, I heard one of the kids say it was "sick". pretty good!

Snow in April..

The kids have been waiting for it to finally snow here..all winter we have been watching the weather reports with all this rain we have been having. There have been a few days that it was cold enough to snow but nothing happened. All the rain and never a snowflake. So we wake up the day after the kids get out for Spring break and this is what we see! They were pretty impressed..

The Easy Life

Must be nice....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Odessey of the Mind

Raquel participated in a program called Odessey of the Mind..a drama competition that is all kid done...right up her alley! They did great in the first round of competion a few weeks back and qualified to go to STATE...that meant that we made a cannonball run to Brentwood in Northern California for a weekend. I could not begin to explain the costumes or the point of their show...other than it had something to do with the wizard of oz. Anyway...after driving up all day on Friday, being at the competion all day Saturday and coming home Sunday, it truly felt like an odessey of the mind! Ethan was thrilled that they unfortunately did not make it to the WORLD competition...maybe next year!!