Raquel & Ethan

Friday, July 18, 2008

Zero Tribute


Raquel has been bugging me to do this tribute for quite a while. She got really sad the other day and started crying because she said she had "forgot"..I think she is so worried that we will all forget Zero. We are slowly trying to think about getting a new friend for zipper...Raquel saw me looking at dogs on the computer and said "no, no, no..." But I keep telling her that Zipper needs someone. She really is a different dog without Zero. She has really seemed sad...she is starting to run around and be a dog again, but still not in the same way. Lawrence wants to get a watchdog, especially since he leaves in the middle of the night..I can't decide if I want to get a shelter dog or a puppy...going to the shelter is a great idea but seems so sad...like zero. Special thanks to Erin..Raquel's special someone for helping Raquel out in the middle of a crying episode over Zero. She told Raquel a funny story about Rags that helped....One time when Erin was staying her, her alarm clock went off, scared Rags..and she took a dump...you know the saying "that scared the shit out of me!"