Raquel & Ethan

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're Back!

So we have not been blogging in a long time...tonight being Ethan's bday and seeing how cousin Luke put up pics of Ethan on his big day has humbled me into posting. It is 1 in the morning and I am posting pics..so I will no longer be able to use the " I don't have time to post pics" excuse any more because there is always the middle of the night! Oh and I did lose my camera battery for a while...And this crazy blog continues to get many international visitors, that hasn't changed.

Happy Birthday Big boy!


Hard to believe my baby is now a big 7 years old! He is so proud of himself and has been counting down the days. He thinks he feels bigger and could tell a difference today! Thanks to everyone who called him today..I know he does not say a whole lot on the phone but he was so excited to have people calling for him. He would get a big grin when I said it was for him. He felt especially cool to know that his buddy Luke called him in the morning and he actually missed a call..you have arrived when you are missing phone calls at 7! They both are growing up so fast...Lawrence and I actually left them at the table to go dish up at dinner tonight (goofy's kitchen) and Lawrence said "is this where we are at now, that we just leave them alone at the table?" It was only a few years ago that we took the kids there for some event and they both got up to dance with the characters..ok Raquel danced and Ethan just stood there..but we had them in view the whole time. When the music ended Raquel skipped off to come back to us and Ethan lost sight of her for a minute, Ethan let out a blood curdling scream of RAAAAAQUEL!! I went to get him even though he was steps away from us,he shouted at Raquel "you should have never left me!" He was so hurt at her utter lack of concern for his safety! We laughed at that tonight thinking of them actually sitting alone in a restaurant out of our sight. Maybe he is growing up!
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Spending the evening at disneyland for Ethan's big day. Initially he wanted to just stay home and watch a movie but this looks like more fun.