Raquel & Ethan

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Don't be a jerk it's Christmas

This video needs a little explaining...we finally put up our tree with 3 days to spare. Usually right after Thanksgiving I have the tree up. Things down here in ole Murrieta don't always move at the pace I want them to...we have had an issue with the living room tv laying on the floor since...well since we moved here. I NEEDED the tv to be up so I could put the tree in the spot where the tv was. I got a little grumpy knowing that the TV wasn't going up itself and my Christmas tree was still in a box. Ethan kept asking about the tree and when he brought home his homemade gifts from school, he opted to place them under our ficus tree in the kitchen. Seeing this only made my anger at the big ugly TV in the living room grow larger. We needed our tree up. I have about 50 boxes of Christmas decorations but it is not Christmas without the tree. I told Ethan we just might have to decorate the ficus tree.
Uncle Josh came by to help Lawrence lift the TV on this wonderful bracket built for huge TV's. I think everyone was sick of me whinig that there would be no tree this year for us. So after lots of heavy lifting, they got the TV up and...it started to sag. A 200 pound TV perched above a 75 gallon aquarium started to bend the metal bracket holding it and started to sag. All I could think about was my tree...who cares if this dumb TV comes crashing down on the aquarium. But at one point, Uncle Josh's head was under the TV as Lawrence was scrambling to unloosen the bolts that held the TV up, I realized maybe Uncle Josh's neck was more important than my tree. It was a stretch but I could see the value in Uncle Josh and Nikki walking down the isle next April, Josh not having a broken neck. And somehow my tree didn't seem that important. Well, they got the TV down before it crashed down and it has taken up residence on the floor again. But it was Uncle Josh who came up with a brilliant idea...he said "why don't you just put up the TV over there." That was it, he found a spot for my tree, a perfect spot for my tree. And the tree saga was over, just like that.
We were decorating the tree and this crazy little song is playing called "don't be a jerk, it's Christmas." I couldn't help but think maybe it was for me....