Raquel & Ethan

Friday, September 9, 2011

Girls Trip to Vegas

Raquel and I took a trip to Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera (her bday gift)..All girls weekend consists of shopping. fun desserts, shopping, and dressing up for the big night. If anyone is looking for an expert in the Phantom..give Raquel a call...she has read the book countless times, seen the movie and thanks to the internet, compared the several renditions of the play..I learned alot!

Happy Birthday Papa

Uncle Matt

celebrating Lukes birthday with Uncle Matt

Beach Time at Oceanside

Ethan volunteered for this...

Berry Pickin'


Zipper got hurt and Sugar was right by her side..
Ruby and Raquel have bonded with babysitting. Ruby is the most perfect little gal to practice babysitting skills on..
They look so old..

Loved watching Jett play baseball...or something close to that.

What more can you say but LILA..

Catching Up..

Last pics of the old wherehouse office...the kids will miss the "scary" building. They spent many a Saturday riding their scooters around the building looking for ghosts. Just to let you know...they found several.