Raquel & Ethan

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Driving the pink jeep!

Videos of the day

The Slumber Party starts..

The start of the party was at Ralph's where we picked up some snacks and cereal for the morning. Luke picked out a generic brand of cheerios! All the cereals have toys and loaded with sugar and he picks that. Luke pushed around the cart and managed to crash into many things..we are lucky no displays came tumbling down. Ethan's heels are bruised from Lukes driving but Ethan laughed his head off anyway. We had to move quickly down the cookie isle..Luke kept pointing out lots of cookies..."look emma...chocolate." We made it out of there with not to much junk and they had a picnic on the floor with the junk we did take home. I am thinking Luke does not get enough to eat..he asked if he could have a bite of Ethan's meds at the end of the night. Luke did great and I am sure he could stay anywhere because he makes everyone aware of his routine. He knows whats up and lets you know it!

scary white ghosts

actually just little kids all sunscreened and ready to go...luke had his rules to follow...."remember sumscreem emma"

Swimming with emma

Indiana Jones and his sidekick

And he's gone...

Sometime around 8, luke finally gave in. He was gone about 2 minutes after asking me if he could watch 2 more movies. My answer was, "Sure Luke...you can watch as many movies as you want."