Raquel & Ethan

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is what Ethan wanted to do for his birthday celebration, have all the boys over to drive cars! And drive they did..all except for Jett who kept everything under control with his weapon. Hang in there till the end of the video and see how good a driver Drew is..

Off to the races!

Ethan had a blast of a bday celebration, thanks to RinRin, Jett and Lila Grandpa Butch and Mamaw and Grandma Jan, Mrs. Files (to Ethan) John, Luke and Drew.

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Love all the shirtless boyz

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Coutnry Living...

Raquel called us out to see this sight one afternoon. We watched for a bit and then went in..Then Lawrence was working at his desk and called us to come see the next video. We found the bugs in the front yard and the next video is in the back yard..

And this is what happened next..

Apple Celebration

Ethan's class celebrating apple time...singing a Johnny Appleseed song and celebrating with all things apple...apple cider, apple chips, applesauce and even apple butter. It was a nice fall day to celebrate this..105 that day!
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Ethan's second grade class
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Ethan and his buddy Reid..
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