Raquel & Ethan

Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Update

Hi to everyone! We are getting back to normal after all the holiday madness. Thank you to everyone who made the kids holidays so special. They are back to school, back to activities and loving all this rain. Our neighbors even brought some snow back from the mountains and all the neighborhood kids were having snowball fights last night.
Raquel recently saw an orthodontist and had an evaluation. She apparently has a narrow jaw and needs to begin treatment now while she is still growing. As the doctor was explaning every possible situation, she overheard the word "extraction" and started arguing with the dr that that would not be necessary. Luckily the dr said he has a daughter just like Raquel and talked her down!
She is still swimming and jumps in that pool on COLD evenings! Ethan and I pack blankets and snacks and sit huddled up on the sidelines!
Ethan will be going back to the dr this week to follow up on his growth situation...will update when I know more. His big day was when Auntie Erin went to his classroom to volunteer one day. He felt like a VIP... I got to babysit baby Jett and almost forgot what to do with a 10 month old..it has been a while! Luckily he is easily amused and the dogs and a truck did the trick! Now Raquel is requesting visitors to her class. Here is some pics of our happenings...

Raquel has gotten alot of practice with little babies...
Practically an expert!
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Visit with Adelyn

Raquel holding Adelyn..Joy's first grandchild.
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Raquel's Tea Party

Raquel's school had a mother and daughter tea party for a fundraiser.
Here is Raquel "not posing" with her friends.
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We came in second in a game that was played at the tea..
it was a word scramble game and we were one word away from winning...
our friends at our table were not even close and wanted to give us the answer.
Raquel wanted no part of that and insisted we play it fair till the end. Luckily, we got
the last word and she shouted out that we won so loudly...everyone in the room was
laughing. Honesty is one of her good traits!
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We are both sporting "big" purses!!
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Raquel's Tea Party

Raquel enjoying rasberry tea at a "mother-daughter" tea party for her school.
She still loves the dresses, hats and all that "girly stuff."
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