Raquel & Ethan

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching up...AGAIN

Sleeping on the job as usual...I figure if I get one blog post a year..that's pretty good.

Halloween 2011



They both look so grown up..


There are no words to describe this getup, other than COMFORT.

Ethan and Sebby

Ethan and Sebby are officially best buds..If you ever try and reach us and can't get through it is because they talk nonstop.  Oh yeah, Sebby is also an early riser like Ethan..especially fun on Sunday morning at 7:00 when the phone rings off the hook..

Spoiled Rotten


The kids love their classes...they both think they are capable of taking down people...at least that is what I hear them say to each other in the back of the car.