Raquel & Ethan

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 6

No pics today...went to the beach again and then the pool. Went to outback for dinner. Lawrence got the impala a little sideways tonight...but no harm. He says he was making a lane change too fast but I wonder if it has any coincidence with spring break being in full force tonight. The kids fight regurlarly over who gets to push the elevator button..the college kids find it very funny as raquel and ethan yell at each other all the way up to the 11th floor. I think next vacation we will just find a high rise and let them go up and down all day. They are playing cops and robbers tonight. Went to souvenier shops for them to buy something "Florida" and ethan picks out a motorcycle and a squishy eyeball for an enourmous amount of cash. So thank goodness they have a dollar tree here...he got to pick out several non florida "souveniers" for souveniers. So Raquel has handcuffs on and ethan is wearing a badge. Raquel picked out a "Mood" ring...go figure...maybe she can alert us when the next mood is coming on. Really warm here today, supposedly record high temps so it feels great tonight.