Raquel & Ethan

Friday, July 17, 2009

Horse camp show

Today was the last day of horse camp. She said it was the funnest thing she had ever done. Somehow the director of the camp convinced Raquel that being out in 100 degree weather, riding a horse in the dirt and cleaning up after this huge animal was "fun". Lawrence and I were remembering how she HATED getting down from the car when she was little...it was like she was jumping out of a plane. Now she jumps down from this horse like nothing. New cowboy boots will do that for you!

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Raquel on "skip"..her normal horse was sick today so she had to do her test on this guy. The horse she usually rides is thirty years old...yes I said thirty.

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Ethan SO excited to be at the show...
Thanks to Papa Joe, Mamaw and Butch for hanging out in the hot sun to watch the show...they did not complain about the heat like Ethan!