Raquel & Ethan

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sick Puppy...

A few days after adopting "Ember" she came down with the dreaded disease Parvo. Lucky for us we had a great vet (where Uncle Matt got his start) and she recovered really quickly. Hopefully her sister who we also adopted will not get it but we have been told it is highly contagious.

Lawrence says this is what a very expensive MUTT looks like...
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First day of school..

Raquel was more than willing to pose for the big first day pics. Ethan was too busy to take pictures, he was in the car begging us to leave as he hates to be late. And I was informed taking any pictures at school would be way out of line! They both had a great day and love their new teachers...lucky to be at such a great school.
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