Raquel & Ethan

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hangin with Luke

Luke came to school with Sarah this week to see Raquel get her award for being on the honor roll. I hung out with him a bit and we took a little jaunt to Carls at 10 in the morning because he was STARVING..on the way there we had a chat about what he wanted from Santa. When I asked him what he thought Drew might want he said..." Drew just copies people and then bees mean to me" ...apparently Drew is not on the good list. He then followed that up with, "Amma, do you have two horns?" I am still not certain what he meant but am hoping he was talking about my car.

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Pancakes at the fire station

Our local fire station had a pancake breakfast with santa. Fun to eat at the fire station but the highlight was when some boy scouts that were helping serve the food, got into a wrestling match behind the table of juices and knocked the entire table of juice over. Raquel was disgusted with "those boys"

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Christmas Crafts

Thanks to cuz Trina for sending out a package full of Christmas crafts...something about glue and little tiny things can keep kids busy for quite a while. Trina had thought maybe this could keep the kids busy while I did some things around the house...that was a great idea...until I saw what fun they were having and sat down myself. I made a very cute reindeer, if I do say so myself!

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