Raquel & Ethan

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Raquel is still having a hard time and she needs things to do to help her process zero's death. She needed to put the necklace of the beach on zero's collar, she wants to name some of her stuffed animals zero and she wants to make a movie. Since I just recently got the hang of you tube, my movie making skills aren't too great. I promised her I would post this picture and write down these things we talked about in the meantime.
being so excited to open her christmas presents on christmas morning
swimming with the kids and scratching them when she went by
limping around
the skunk incident
saving my turtles
lifting her paw up, begging you to scratch her
the rattlesnake the racoon and the bobcat
her and zipper getting out and running down to the river
the kids and all three dogs sleeping in the same bed during the remodel